Since 2003 we have used sports to reach children with the message of Hope. Our Bible-Based curriculum emphasizes good sportsmanship & team play as well as encourages our young athletes to “put their faith into action” in their neighborhoods, playgrounds & homes.

Our Mission

Teaching through the game of soccer allows us opportunities to equip kids with valuable life skills & to offer tools to thrive in tough environments.  Whether we are serving orphans of HIV in their rural African communities or working in a rough neighborhood near our communities here at home, the game of soccer is a universal language that connects kids through relationships, & offers priceless teachable moments that mentor at risk young people. 

Thank you for your dedication to sharing the truth of Jesus.
— Lisa Ostreim
We love the dedication of the Adventure Soccer Staff. Our son loves your camps!
— Tinna Pamanian

What We've Achieved

  • In 2016, Adventure Soccer ran 3 outreaches to at-risk youth in 2 different counties.

  • In 2017, Adventure Soccer ran 5 outreaches to at-risk youth in 2 differnt counties.

  • In 2018, Adventure Soccer ran 7 outreaches to at-risk youth in 3 counties as well as added 2 events specifically for foster families.

  • In 2019, Adventure Soccer plans to double the amount of outreaches and events.