Upcoming Foster Care Outreaches

One of our main areas of focus is to support Foster Kid's in care & the Foster families that care for them. Over the past 3 years, Adventure Soccer has been developing and growing events that target this population of children. Many of whom are in a very difficult time of their lives. Consider supporting our mission this year to support kids in the foster system and the families who care for them. If you know a foster family, please direct them to us, we would love to invite them to these free events! Also, please contact us if you want to learn more about what we are doing in areas near you.

Foster Support Groups!

Adventure Soccer partners with Fostering Together to provide a night of fun for kids currently in foster care, and the families that care for them. Washington State foster parents are required to complete numerous hours of training in order to keep their licenses up to date. Fostering Together is an organization that provides this training once a month for these families. However, one problem that most families find is that their childcare options are very limited. This is due to the length of the meeting, amount of kids, special needs of their kids and many other reasons. For this reason, Adventure Soccer provides childcare onsite in Monroe for foster parents to be able to complete the necessary training. Without having to worry about finding childcare for the whole night.

We currently offer care at the ‘Sky Valley/Monroe Fostering Together Support Group’.


Foster Family Nights!

Foster Family Nights are an incredible opportunity to serve foster families during one of the hardest seasons of the year.

First, we want to provide an incredible night for kids currently in foster care. It is an opportunity to alleviate the stress of being away from their biological parents, and allows each child to enjoy the season by doing fun activities, crafts and other tasks.

Secondly, we want to give foster parents a much needed break by giving free childcare for 3 hours. Many foster parents are unable to go out on a date together or even attempt Christmas shopping because of the full-time job of caring for their foster children along with their own bio children. A couple from last years event said “My husband and I had not been out on a date in 2 years! Thank you for supporting us”.

Foster Family Nights consist of seasonal crafts, fun activities, live music, dinner and much more to create an absolutely incredible night! We pair each child 1 to 1 with our Adventure Soccer staff so that they can have the most productive time. These nights do an amazing job of creating a fun atmosphere that each child can succeed in, no matter their level of need.