Read More About Our Local Campaign Targeting At-Risk Youth in 2018/19

Adventure Soccer has located areas in Washington where children and youth are in desperate need of hope. An escape from their surroundings and opportunity to get involved in something positive. Adventure Soccer will mobilize into these locations and run a free sports camps for children, while partnering with the local leaders in the area. The age range is from as young as 4 and as old as 17. The goal is to connect 2,500 kids to local extra-curricular activities. These include sports teams, academic support classes, church programs, and family activities as well. Each of these locations has many volunteers who will work to promote and connect children to the event. With successful campaigns over the past few years, we are expanding our outreach efforts! The children in these locations will be encouraged and shown that they are not alone and have/will make lifelong connections to people who care about them.

Each Adventure Soccer Local Outreach location is chosen based upon at least one of the the following criteria…

  • Is this place an area of high gang activity?

  • Is this place an area of increasing drug use?

  • Is this place an area where there is an Increased Foster Child population?


2018/19 Local Outreach Locations






Lake Stevens



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