Are you interested in traveling to eswatini (Swaziland)?

Adventure Soccer sends short-term mission teams to eSwatini, Africa annually to serve and minister across the country. These teams are comprised of supporting churches and their congregations, as well as local volunteers within the Adventure Soccer organization. Each trip is geared toward a specific goal and/or project recognized by our Board of Directors. These projects are rooted in trying to create a model of self-sustainability within the rural villages.


If you are interested in traveling with us to eSwatini, please fill out the form below, and also explore the different areas we are trying to create self-sustainability through our Rural Assistance Model.

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Traveling to eSwatini/Swaziland or other developing nations can be a mentally & physically demanding experience. We want your missions experience to be a safe & healthy one. The information that you provide below is required in order to be considered for a team position. Thank you!
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